• #01 BlueBlue

  • #02 Pink&Silver Glow

  • #03 All Silver

  • #04Red&Gold

  • #05 Passion Orange

  • #06 Red&Black

  • #07 Blue&Pink

  • #08 Glow Head & Silve

  • #09 Chartreuse Green Gold

  • #10Purple Pink Glow

  • #11All Pink

  • #12 Function Gold


Product Specification
Weight: 60g
Weight: 90g
Weight: 120g
Weight: 150g
Weight: 180g



(+tax JPY0

Short Body!

The body, SHORTER than other jigs with same weight, can be a very attractive small bait for Sea Bream, Cutlassfish, Spanish Mackerel, or Seabass. Horizontally Falling with slightly vibrating! This center-balanced metal jig easily and quickly takes HORIZONTAL posture right after your jerking or lifting rod up. You will enjoy controlling lure movement with its quick reaction. With this horizontal posture, SpinBit falls down with slightly vibrating, which definitely stimulates even inactive fishes.

※All designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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