• #01 BlueBlue

  • #02 Pink&Silver Glow

  • #03 Blue&Pink Zebra

  • #04 Zebra Glow

  • #05 All Silver

  • #06 WChartreuse&Silver

  • #07 Orange Zebra

  • #08 Chartreuse Green Gold


Product Specification
Weight: 150g
Weight: 180g
Weight: 230g
*Zebra Color +¥100(+tax)



(+tax JPY0

▶Attractive quick and wide sliding!

▶Extremely light water-resistance on retrieving.

Esnnal, a long metal jig, slides very widely even by little jerking. It was especially developed for big blue fishes.This thin column-like body falls very fast, and tells bottom touch more clearly even in fast tide or at deep area.With light water-resistance on jerking, you are unlikely to get stressed even at deep area or with thicker line. You will love to feel easy and light.

Fishing photo
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