Blue on its back is the sea blue,

deep and deep sea for birds.

Blue held its heart is the sky blue, far and far sky for fishes.

Masanori Muraoka, the pro angler mainly works in Tokyo,
produces new fishing lure brand,

“Blue Blue” –To all people who love the sea-

「Where's your Blue?」

We, the anglers know true Blue in the sea.
So we go fishing to meet Blue and continue a journey.

「Memory of boy’s day」

When we were boys, there were so many excitements surrounded us.
Those were maybe tools, experiences or results.
BlueBlue’s principle is making the product which touches the memory.


We hope that BlueBlue’s products will satisfy with everyone’s heart and
help to develop everyone’s wish for beautiful sky and clear sea.
And, we also hope that the piece of our wishes will
help the protection of global environment…

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