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Product Specification
Length: 125mm
Weight: 22g
Hooks: #4×3
Ring: #3



(+tax JPY2,530

Finally, BlueBlue has stepped into the shallow runner field. The "AIZER125F" is here!

▶Outstanding performance refined through years of exhaustive testing! Extraordinary versatility in any situation!

▶Spontaneously activates an irregular wobbling action, triggering bites from big-fish!

BlueBlue is proud to announce that it is now making its mark on the shallow runner segment of the Japanese seabass lure market, arguably the "hardest-fought" segment in Japan.

The AIZER was developed with the ultimate focus on ease of use in a fiercely competitive market. The center of gravity and tail shape were tested over a number of years in order to achieve a top class flying distance and stable flight attitude, no matter who throws it, from beginners to experts.

The action is designed so that the part of the head that catches the water is relatively wide, allowing the lure to appeal to fish from a wide area with a strong action. This also makes it easy to visualize how the lure is in the water, as the load transmitted through the rod to the hand will be so clear. Of particular note is the irregular wobbling action that occurs at ultra-low speeds. This is the ultimate secret to catching large fish on the approach from upstream casts. “The hero comes at last.”

※All designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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