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SeaRide mini

Product Specification
Weight: 3g
Weight: 6g
Weight: 9g
Weight: 12g
Weight: 15g

* rigged with 1 treble hook and 1 assist hook.



(+tax JPY0

Attractive Darting and Falling Action!

SeaRide mini is designed for both salty water and fresh water fishing games with light tackles, and it attracts fish with slow-horizontal-fall action and unique movements just like our first products “SeaRide.” Because of its unique shape of the body, SeaRide mini features a super-slow-horizontal-fall action. When you cast SeaRide mini, it flies like a bullet even in the strong against wind when other lures or plastic worms can’t fly. SeaRide Mini attracts fish with slow-horizontal-fall action and unique darting movements called “Dolphin Action.” SeaRide Mini is innovative tiny metal jig, and it is the new way to catch more!

※All designs and specifications are subject to change without notice

Fishing photo
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