• #01 BlueBlue

  • #02Glow Squid

  • #03Red&Gold

  • #04 Transparent Chartreuse

  • #05 NINJA Purple

  • #06 NINJA Sardine

  • #07 NINJA Squid

  • #08 Pink Joker

  • #09 NINJA Silver

  • #10 Transparent Candy

NINJARI Soft Bait 5pcs/unit S/M/L

Product Specification
Size: S/M/L
Soft Bait 5pcs



(+tax JPY770

Soft Plastic Lure of Jumping Aside. - SET hook CERTAINLY with TWO-WAY hook! - EASY Rigging and Positioning!

NINJARI was elaborately designed to have perfect balance between jumping aside and short pause to induce fish bite. The 2 single hooks laid towards opposite direction make hooking more certain by pushing towards both derections. You will not have to cry for loss of fish anymore!

※All designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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