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Product Specification
Length: 180mm
Weight: 100g



(+tax JPY3,410

Super-Widely swims! Attractive S-curving action!

▶Unpredictably wide S-curving.

▶Big clatter sound attracting fishes.

▶Tremendous cast distance by shifting whole weights.

▶Reliable tough through-wire construction.

All internal weight balls in SNECON180S are not fixed, and are affected even by slight wave, which creates very mysterious motion. Not like many other sinking pencils which swim with tail dropping, SNECON180S swims horizontally. At normal retrieving, it moves widely S-curving right under surface. At Stop-and-go jerking, it slides to just beside, very surprisingly! Main depth range is from surface to 20cm depth. At jerking, it shakes head with splashing at surface just like running bait fish. Body with weight 100g, on 180mm length, with internal weight shifting. Overwhelming-long cast distance will be fantastic tool both inshore and offshore.

※All designs and specifications are subject to change without notice

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