• #01 BlueBlue

  • #02 Red Head&Pearl

  • #03 Chartreuse Back&Transparent Pearl

  • #04 SGO

  • #05 Ransparent Chartreuse/Silver

  • #07 brackish water Konosirus punctatus

  • #08 Transparent Pink & Chartreuse

  • #10 kiwi

  • #14 PinkCandy&Holographic

  • #16 BOSHU Horse Mackerel


Product Specification
Length: 150mm
Weight: 42g
Hooks: #2×3
Ring: #4



(+tax JPY3,245

▶Variety of popping actions and reeling bring out the wave action.

▶Depth range is always on the water! The lure doesn't dive so trick the fish!

▶Invite you to the surface with two kinds of rattle sounds!

Gaboz150 is a swimming popper that combines popper action and minnow action. Collect fish from a wide range by popping action, and if you reel, you will perform rolling action while drawing a wave on the surface of the water. From dead throw to medium fast retrieve, you never dive at any speed, and firmly generate a wave on the water surface to attract fish.

arious popping actions!
Gaboz150 is not only wake bait but also a popper. Short popping invites fish by raising the splash, while middle popping invites fish around by making a popping sound. In the long jerk, which pulls the rod parallel to the surface of the water, a long dive action accompanied by a splash is performed while containing bubbles like GT popper.

Never dive! Performance as a water surface minnow!
The biggest crying point of conventional poppers was only popping action and floating on the spot. Gaboz150 swims with rolling action like a traditional minnow when reeling. Most conventional minnows receive water and dive even if they swim slowly. However, the Gaboz150 has been thoroughly researched on the body structure, and is designed to swim reliably while pulling waves on the surface of the water in the speed range from dead throw to medium fast. It will be useful in many situations, like traditional minnows swimming on the surface without diving.

※All designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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