• #01 BlueBlue

  • #02 Red SEAGA

  • #03 PinkCandy&Holographic

  • #04 Matt Chartreuse

  • #05 Transparent Black

  • #06 ChartreuseBack&OrangeBelly

  • #07 Run&Gun Bullet

  • #08 Transparent Pink&Chartreuse

  • #09 Red&Gold Tiger

  • #10 AdultPink


Product Specification
Length: 60mm
Weight: 9.5g
Ring: #1
Hooks: Front #10 Rear #12



(+tax JPY1,430

▶Faithfully reproduced the movement of shrimp that escapes by operating the rod!

▶Float on the seabed as if it were alive! The fish involuntarily bite!

▶Overwhelming large fish capture rate! Ideal for targeting large fish!

ebicon60s is a lipless jerk bait that reproduces the shrimp eaten by scorpion fish and jacopever on the seabed.When a light twitch action is performed on the rod, it darts to the left and right to reproduce the movement of shrimp.This action has a high reaction effect, and even fish without an appetite will involuntarily eat.The posture that stands still on the seabed is a standing posture, so it has a strong presence.Also, because of its fat body, even the slightest current of the sea bottom moves as if it were alive, and the fish bites. ebicon60s was created for anglers who want to fish large targets.

※All designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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