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Product Specification
Length: 140mm
Weight: 26g
Hooks: #4×3
Ring: #3
Range: 120-150cm



(+tax JPY2,585

Jerkbait to the further heights!

▶Distance by the weight up is significantly up! Aim at the distant Boil!

▶It sinks faster, so you can capture even lower ranges!

▶Great for boat casting and breakwater fishing!
※The action becomes unstable in normal reeling.

Bloowin!140J Jerking Edition is a sinking type jerk bait developed by specializing in "Jerking fishing", a method of hitting overwhelming fishing results with the original Bloowin!140S. By increasing its own weight by 3g, the flight distance has been greatly increased. This makes it possible to capture Boil that has not been reached until now, and it is possible to reach the target point without stalling even in a headwind. In addition, by increasing the weight by 3g, the sinking speed after landing has become faster, and it has become possible to quickly sink into the target range. You can also search the deep range, which was difficult to capture in the original. Especially in boat casting games and breakwater fishing, we were able to achieve fish catch and ease of use that surpassed the original. Experience the fun of "manipulating a lure to fish" with this Jerking Edition.

※All designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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