• #01 BlueBlue

  • #02 Pink Sardine

  • #03 Keimura Sardine

  • #04 Red&Gold

  • #05 Green&Gold

  • #07 Blue&Pink Zebra

  • #08 All Silver

  • #09 GlowHead & Silver

  • #10 Pink&Silver Glow

  • #13 AllPink


Product Specification
Weight: 20g
Weight: 30g
Weight: 40g



(+tax JPY0

The long-awaited tungsten model is now available for FALLTEN.

SMASHED-Flying, FAST-Dropping! Tail weighted jig for your first choice.

Long Casting: gives you wider searching area, and enables you to reach far boiling more quickly than anybody. Fast Dropping: prompts impulse strikes, and makes your shore casting sharper and easier with telling bottom touch more clearly. 

※All designs and specifications are subject to change without notice

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