No more loss with TWO-WAY single hook!

NINJARI evolves WINDING fishing. It was perfectly balanced to jump from side to side quickly, which is key essence of Winding, and then and between, to pause for a little while. 2 single hooks which are laid towards opposite direction make hooking certain, overcoming Winding weakness of fish loss. Once one hook set, the other hook gets jig head fixed tight. This jig head is also very easy to position soft bait. Just insert soft bait straightly along with hooks. That’s all. Jig always swims correctly with correct positioning, and you can feel easy to change bait color.

Fat body creates strong wobbling-and-rolling motion. Weight ball inside head moves freely and irregularly, which makes SNECON irregularly S-curving dive, and clatter sound by weight ball also attracts and gathers fishes.

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