• #01 BlueBlue

  • #02 Pink&Silver Glow

  • #03 All Silver

  • #04 Red&Gold

  • #05 Passion Orange

  • #06 All Pink

  • #07 Blue&Pink

  • #08 Glow Head & Silver

  • #09 Function Gold

  • #10 Purple Pink Glow


Product Specification
Weight: 150g



(+tax JPY1,980

▶Final weapon for light jigging.

▶Semi-long jig with tail-weighted.

You can target big fish:

Leptis is the semi-long metal jig, which was designed to catch bigger fish at light jigging game. This development is against the current trend that smaller jig is more common at light Jigging, however, Leptis could avoid bites from smaller fish to bring bigger ones!

Quick falling:

Leptis, a tail-weighted jig, can fall very rapidly, and let you feel bottom reach more clearly even at fast current. Fast falling also makes line stretched quickly to react fast according to rod control.

Comfortable feeling on retrieving:

The comfortable feeling which Leptis, not-too-heavy and not-too-light jig, provides on retrieving will enable you to keep jigging longer with less stressed, as well as to feel more quickly the tidal change or fish chase.

※All designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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