Perfect to cast on bait-fish-boiling!

Bashooot!!! provides long cast distance by less air resistance to reach farther or quicker on far bait-fish-boils. Because of the tough through-wire construction and the flexibility for hook variation up to #2, Bashooot!!! can be reliably used even on offshore fishes like Amberjack, Yellowtail, Kingfish, Tuna or Bonito and DolphinFish. With smaller hook size, it swims more widely and floats more quickly. You can enjoy Flatfish and Seabass on surf, or Hira-Suzuki and SeaBream on rock.

Fat body creates strong wobbling-and-rolling motion. Weight ball inside head moves freely and irregularly, which makes SNECON irregularly S-curving dive, and clatter sound by weight ball also attracts and gathers fishes.

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