A sinking pencil with twin lip structure that flies hard!!

Frid made out with the benefit of its rear-heavy center of gravity, this lure drops quickly, making it clear when it reaches the bottom, even when you cast long distances.It makes it easy to feel what’s going on under the water, and helps avoid snagging hooks.With the industry's first slender twin-lip design, Action with a wide, wide swing like a metronome, invite fish with appealing vibration.This increases the pull resistance, so it sends a clear pulling sensation to your hand, unlike any other sinking pencil.The lip on its abdomen has the groundbreaking effect of maintaining a horizontal swimming position, giving it a silhouette similar to that of a metal jig, which is effective in getting smart fish to bite.This is a surf fishing-specific, rear-heavy lure that will attract the fish that you could always find, but not catch.

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