For big bait patterns! The strongest swimbait covered with ’’soft material’’

Konoyaro 180 is a slow reeling swimbait that can move a lot of water, creating a rolling, fluttering action. It is ideal for predators feeding on large baits such as Gizzard shad and Crucian carp. By controlling the range of the lure with the rod, it is possible to produce a dorsal fin on the surface of the water, giving the appearance of a real weakened fish. At normal speed, the lure produces a powerful wave action, which causes the lure to twist and turn in the water to attract fish eaters. There are two line eyes, one on the top and one on the bottom. The upper one can be used for stable swimming and the lower one can be used when you want the lure to move more on the surface.You can put the line to the top and to the lower eye ‘5-10g weight’ to allow the lure to be used at depths of 5m or more. For predators preying on large-baits. For those who are tired of existing big baits.We hope you enjoy it.

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